Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pushing Daisies: s.1 ep.5: "Girth" wri. Katherine Lingenfelter, 2007

I'm too far removed now - papers and midterms caught up with me - so here's some drive-by comments.

-I'll be happy when this show runs out of the suspense plots. I.e. I'd like it to be laid out on the table - at least to the principals - that Chuck is a living dead girl. Prolonging the reveal to Chuck's aunts - and it is a prolonging, cause they will eventually find out her situation - is not really suspenseful, just irritating. They're big girls; they'll be able to handle it. Question: Is Olive cold-hearted enough to make Chuck and Ned touch if she knew the truth? Strange character; I'd like to hear her sing more.

-As a whole though, this was a strong episode. The layering of the ghost thematic was real nice, grazing against some of the profundities possible for this set-up. (For another example, see the first epi, where Ned and Chuck "touch," separated only by a wall.) The pay-off was obvious as soon as we met the bitter mom, but the show did so much with the intricacies of the plot - clearly, there's talented writers aboard this ship - that the pay-off wasn't so important. That's how it goes when the cylinders are firing: the writing's so good that it's about the journey, not the destination.

-This show makes me want to make pie.

-This show makes me want to eat pie.


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