Monday, August 28, 2006

reasons to visit my 'blog:


if you've visited consistently over the last three months, you know what to expect: consistency; that is, none of those irritating content updates you find on other. guarantee: you come back here three months from now, and it'll look - pretty much - the same. that said (and to the loyals among you), sorry about today's face-shifting update.

1b. a fortunate little off-shoot of #1: on account of my dorman-, er, reliability, i totally skipped that whole snakes on a plane media carousel, allowing you a brief respite from the cheek-tongued hype. any port in a storm, right?

2. uber-hip hyper-punctuation/all lower case - all the time! - font

i'm a trend-sheep, not shepherd; when McSweeney's returns to minimal punctuation and capitalizing "jesus," so will I.

3. my music taste

scroll down and look to you're right - you can see what i've been listening to. although i think it might be broken right now.

4. lists!

who doesn't love lists?

that's pretty much it, i think.