Thursday, November 08, 2007

Musics & Links

My sidebar thing says that the last thing I listened to was some Radiohead. Most likely, this is false. My main computer is AWOL, so I've been using my wife's laptop for the last couple weeks. I'm too (you choose!) a) swamped by school or b) lazy to bring my computer into the apple computer fixing people. I'll do it soon, I think.

Also, the links section got an overhaul. Unfortunately, Dan Meyer at Cineme is no longer paying his net rent. (Ha! Which one of you suckers clicked that useless hyper-text?) I understand all his reasons, but believe me when I say - and I can say this with impunity now, being that there's no web-extant evidence to the contrary - that Dan Meyer was the GREATEST CRITIC THE INTERNETS HAS EVER SEEN!!!11!. Your loss.

In lieu of Dan, I bring you Ryland Walker Knight (whose name is much cooler, via Vinyl Is Heavy) and The House Next Door. The latter most have read - good for the most, seriously - but maybe not the former. I know I've been on a Ryland/House Next Door jag lately, but part of that is the fact that I've been turned on to so many good films by them lately, and the other part is that I need some type of standard to emulate while I'm trying to do this blog every movie/tv show thing during November. Anyway, these are good people emulate. Anyway, you can now find these folks in my sidebar. If you want your link in my sidebar, send me an email and I'll contemplate it. If you don't get an email back, it probably means I didn't like your site, cause I'm pretty diligent about checking my email, and my spam blockers are relatively forgiving for their species.


Blogger Ryland Walker Knight said...

You're too kind. What's funny is you have seen that I'm just some dude like anybody else. Talk about the role surface plays: am I the disseminated writer spread across the internet or am I the particular goof who wears a green sweatshirt? Hehehe. All of which is to say, thanks for reading! I plan on keeping tabs on your work, too, and -- get this! -- I'll go ahead and exchange the link cuz, hey, I'm not blogging every day! Woot Woot!

08 November, 2007 09:50  
Blogger Michael K. said...

That division between internet and "real" personality is an odd one. Do you read Like Ann Karina's Sweater? I saw a picture of filmbrain, and it turns out he's some business-looking, middle-aged guy with glasses.

As for you: well, you're both, right? That's the insanity of the surface. Bringing it back to Miami Vice, it isn't that Sonny Crockett fall deeper into the espionage, becoming Sonny Burnett. There isn't some type of deeper, darker Sonny that emerges (or submerges, as the case may be) when he start transporting. It's all Sonny. He says, "Here's where the two frames come together" - just different surfaces, available to the viewer depending upon her vantage point.

08 November, 2007 11:21  

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