Sunday, December 04, 2005

I've done a little bit of housework. Now anyone can comment, but I've turned moderation on for all the 'blogs. This allows me to filter posts from people selling certain, ahem, enlarging apparatus and people advertising their naked people websites, choosing whether or not to publish said post. Don't worry, I'm not a dictator - I'll publish any comment, no matter how disparaging or intelligent, pertaining to the mother post. (Ha, mother post. I like that.) So, post away. Please. I'd love to hear from you. We haven't talked in so long! My gosh, has it been years really? Amazing...your voice sounds exactly...the same. Uncanny.

Yeah, it'll go something like that.


Blogger Matt said...

I'm so glad to see you posting again dearest brother. I'll be home in 2 weeks, which is exactly how long it takes to increase 3 sizes with...

05 December, 2005 09:09  

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