Thursday, November 04, 2004

"How was your flight?" "I'd give it an 8."

I'm debating with myself: do I affix a grade to a film or do I not affix a grade to a film? I'll admit, it is a handy little way to catalogue, organize, and allow for quick assessment of films I have seen. On the flipside: do I really want to distill my thoughts on a film to an essence as unrefined as a rating? Will I be making it easier for people to armchair-quarterback their way into a discussion, e.g. "Ughh, this one guy on the internet gave it a 'B' so it must be alright." Consequently, will that lead to people glancing over, rather than reading, what I write? Does it matter? F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "A wise [person] is one who can hold two conflicting opinions in [his/her] head without going insane." I am obviously not terribly wise, so I ingratiate myself to you: what should I do? I know I'm risking the public realization that nobody reads this blog, but, please, post your comments here. If you aren't comfortable with that (Perhaps you have a bit of stage fright. It's ok. So do I.) you can email me: Javelin2Jesus AT aol DOT com. Also, if you care to recommend a rating scale (like - letter grade, 10 point system, 5 star system, 100 point system, et cetera) I would be very appreciative.


Blogger Scott said...

The one good thing about using some sort of rating system is that the tabula rasa-type folks can check out your rating before seeing a particular flick and then come back and read the post in full after they've seen the movie. True, some will only look at the ratings and not read what you write, but others will keep coming back to look at your ratings and read your posts. I'd pick whatever rating system you feel most comfortable with or, if you don't feel comfortable with any of them, no rating system at all.

05 November, 2004 22:18  
Blogger Quack Corleone said...

I don't have much to add to Scott's post other than that sometimes there are interesting aspects to an otherwise poor film that make it difficult to distill a rating.

Wait, I think that I just said, in an obtuse way, that films are hard to judge. I agree with myself.

The two problems I've had with ratings are:

1) I could never get a 100 point system to work, because I couldn't decide what constituted a point.

2) My opinion of a film often changed. I'd watch something and give it a high rating, but after thinking about it would decide to lower the rating, sometimes drastically ('American Beauty'). Opinions changed the other way, too ('La Strada').

I probably wasn't much help.

13 November, 2004 00:42  

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