Thursday, October 14, 2004

reasons for atrophy

If you were to look at your calendar (which you should. sure, go ahead. no one's looking. well done.) right about now, you would see that we are smack dab in the middle of October. Counting backward, you'll find that August is two months past. Shifting gears, count forward and two months will find you at December. I started school in August, school ends in December. So, you could say that I'm in the middle of the term. Which, if you have any semblance of understanding re: the college system mechanics, you'll get the gravity of my situation. Oh, boo-hoo actually. It's just a few tests, papers, and essays. So: two movies in the last week. After keeping up a pretty rigorous pace (1.4 movies a day since June 17), I've fallen off the wagon. That should all end at noon today, when my last mid-term is set to terminate. Ah, sweet bliss. Once this weekend kicks in, you all - that is, all 3 of you - can return to reading my fairly regular hyperbolic manifestos on such greats as Billy Madison, Bring It On, and Waterworld.



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