Saturday, May 21, 2005

general protocol and what-have-you

Finals: finished.

Shakespeare: done.

Other films: are go.

I guess I've jumped back into the watching with a bang. Exotica & F for Fake both knocked me out. Both Top 100 films - which is becoming a rare thing, ergo these films gots to be hella' good.

So I've decided that I don't really like my film log format. I'll be experimenting a bit, I believe, as of now I'm definitely dropping the country suffix, because it's pretty much superfluous. Think Lars von Trier or my newly beloved For for Fake. If I wanted to correctly geographically notate the origin of an LvT film, I'm looking at 4 countries, minimum. As is, I only abbreviate directions (e.g. North, South), the United States, and the United Kingdom (which is its own bother, really. Think about it: if a film is made in England do I say "England" or "UK" (I have been doing the latter)? What then of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales? I've yet to see a Welsh film, but I think it'd go under "UK," yet I put Ireland and Scotland under their own heading.) So, once again, to try and free my self from some OCD - and unless there are people who think I should do otherwise - the country suffix is dropped, gone, axed. In short, it sleeps with the fishes. Any other ideas? Can I make it more readable? I don't know; if you have suggestions, fire away.

Oh yeah: a couple more lists are on their way.

1) Genre List. Meaning, top tens by genre. E.g. Western, Film Noir, Road Film, Screwball, Slapstick, Coming-of-Age, etc. I imagine some type of explanation as to why I consider Film Noir generic enough to be listed as a genre will be included.

2) Top 100 Foreign Films. Which leads me to this, which has been nagging me for a bit. One might think (if one were so inclined) that I am a list freak. And one would be, well, right the fuck on. But there is a point to my enumerations. I don't grade. I've tried. I cannot. One day I might adopt the letter grade system (it seems to me the least heartbreaking of all possibilities), but until that day there's no quantitative way in which to tell how much I liked a film. The lists, as a whole, stand to qualitatively suggest my affection (or lack thereof) for a particular film in relation to others. The flaw is that only films that make the list fit this mold. In that case, at best I found the film to be "alright." So there. And unlike others that I know of (this really has no bearing on the matter at hand, but it might help you to grasp my "non-rating" rating system with a bit more firmness), I tend to be relatively lenient w/r/t the worthiness of a film. (Also note that this is relative to the, ahem, others. When compared to the viewing public, I'm an asshole, a high-minded prick with little understanding of the common man, the working stiff who slogs 9-5 just to earn enough to take his wife out to the picture show on the weekend, where he can forget his troubles and bathe in the majesty of the latest studio glossy.)

Ok, enough, you get the point. Anyhow: spring is in the air, which means change is in the air, which means it's about time I got my shit together.


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