Tuesday, January 04, 2005


So: it looks like (somehow - God knows) I got linked up at GreenCine. Anyone got an idea how this happened? (If so, drop me a comment.) The point of this post isn't to brag about how many hits I'm getting (ahem - 56 in the last hour alone, almost twice as many as the largest daily amount I've been dinged with), but to point all you GreenCine regulars in the right direction. According to the article, you have an idea that you're being directed to a top ten, but where is this promised top ten? Well, if you come back in about 2 weeks, it'll be right here (with a bevy of comments affixed to each film.) For now, in it's abbreviated form, you can find it right...about...myeh. But: scroll all the way to the bottom. That'll set you firmly at, the Year of Our Lord, 2004. Bon Appetite.


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